Lockly Secure Lux featured at HK Smartone Innovation Hub

Self-service “check-in” and “check-out” is part of Smartone’s efforts to expand its services to the growing demand for Internet of Things (IoT) in Hong Kong. With its theme “Smart Hotel” and “Smart Home” featured on smart city innovation hub, Smartone has showcased some IoT products one of which is LOCKLY Secure Lux. This is a mortise smart lock that is already available in Hong Kong and has also won the HKEI Awards Smartech category. 

Lockly as a brand that is becoming popular in the United States with its deadbolt and latch models. In Hong Kong, since many luxury homes and apartments use mortise lock, Lockly decided to build partnerships with local companies and property developers with Secure Lux Mortise Edition as its flag product. 

In the photo below is Ms. Anna Yip, CEO of Smartone standing beside the installed Lockly Secure Lux.  Read more…


Anna Yip Smartone CEO