1. Installation or Maintenance Related

Please download the LOCKLY ruler below and print it out. Stick as the picture shown, and send it to 56252000 through Whatsapp. You can also refer to the "Installation Evaluation From" below, answer all the question and send it to 56252000 through Whatsapp.


LOCKLY Installation Evaluation From

For the sales and installation process, please refer to below document "Sales and Installation Process" or Whatsapp 56252000 for more information.

LOCKLY Sales and Installation Process

Please refer to below "Installation and Maintenance Arrange" or you may Whatsapp 56252000 for more information.

LOCKLY Installation and Maintenance Arrange

After the installation or maintenance service, technician will fill in the "Installation and Testing Record", please sign on this from to confirm this service is finished. You may refer this from in below link.

LOCKLY Installation and Testing Record

Please refer to below document or Whatsapp 56252000 for more information.

LOCKLY Maintenance Service Process

2. Battery Related

Please use only AA ALKALINE Battery.

We recommend to use "Duracell" or "Energizer" alkaline battery.

Do not mix old and new batteries into same lock and do not use.

You can use key to unlock LOCKLY smart lock, or you can use a 9V battery as a backup battery to power up LOCKLY. Of course, please change the batteries after you go inside the house.

When the battery level below 20%, a low-battery logo will show on the bottom-right corner on the monitor. You can find the battery level on LOCKLY mobile app.

In general, the battery can last for around 10-12 months, it depends on how many times you unlock the door, it only for reference.

3. Hardware Related

This is a common problem, please refer to below video, make sure you follow all the steps.

LOCKLY Smart locks do not obtained waterproof certification, we do not recommend installing our LOCKLY smart lock at outdoor or semi-outdoor. However, our smart lock is certified to work within -40 degrees to 140 degrees.

Please well keep your initial code card, each smart lock has it's own initial code. When you have to reset the lock, you need this code. In case if your lost the initial code, please contact LOCKLY service hotline 56252000, LOCKLY will charge an administrative fee of HKD 400.

At this time this is not a feature that Lockly devices have.

LOCKLY smart locks fit both left/right swing door.

You should be able to hold down the OK button (big circle button on the bottom of the screen) for 3-5 seconds and the numbers should switch from shuffled to sequential order. The numbers will show 123 456 789 etc. Holding it down again for 3-5 seconds to go back to PIN Genie mode where the numbers are shuffled. This is for locks not paired with the mobile app.

Please check the cable connector in your lock and make sure that there are no bent pins, which may have happened during installation, and that it is fully inserted into the socket. If the pins are not bent, try a new fresh set of AA batteries. Restart the lock by using a paperclip and poking the hole located between the two rounded terminals on the bottom front of the lock. Press and hold for 5 seconds and you should see the screen restart. If still not working, please contact 56252000, LOCKLY service hotline for help.

If there is a shield logo next to the confirm button, please refer to the shield mode.

Your Lockly® must be in Secure / Do Not Disturb mode. There is a toggle switch on the inside of the lock that turns off and on the exterior Screen. Make sure it is switched to ON.

Your Lockly® must be in secure mode. There is a shield logo next to the confirm button. There are 2 ways to dismiss the shield mode.

Method 1:

Please long press the confirm button for 3-5 seconds, the keypad will show again on the screen, enter the correct passcode and press confirm button, and do it one more time.

Method 2:

Please use the registered fingerprint / RFID card / key / unlock from inside door, both are able to dismiss the shield mode.

If the product is not working after battery installation. Take 1 battery out, press and hold the program button behind the lock and simultaneously place the battery back in. You will then hear a long beep, once done, release the button and your device should be working properly. Please also check the installation of the lock and the cable was installed correctly during installation and securely plugged in.

4. Software Related

Type 1

A Trusted User access code

You can create 1 Admin code and 15 additional Trusted User access codes with Lockly. Trusted users will be able to access the lock at any time so should be family and other people that you need to grant access to that can access the property at any time.

Type 2

Guest Access Codes with Recurring Times

These codes can be granted to guests of your property and can be given recurring access for specific recurring dates and times.

Type 3

Guest Access Codes with Validity Periods

These access codes can be granted and have a specific validity period for access that you determine when setting up the Access Code.

Type 4

Sub-Admin Guest Access Codes with Validity Period

These access codes can be granted to users for a specific validity period and you can grant them Sub-Admin access in order that they are able to issue Guest and One Time Access codes as well.

Type 5

One Time Access Codes

These codes can be issued to access your property during a specific validity period for one-time access.

Type 6

Offline Access Codes

These codes can be issued when you are not connected to your Lockly lock and can be issued with a validity period. Or you can issue a one time use Offline Access Codes. These codes will be activated by the user with the instructions that you will send the user as you will be prompted to do within the app when you are issuing them.

Updating the firmware for your Lockly lock is easy. You will need to be within Bluetooth range of the lock and connected via Bluetooth. You will then go into your Lockly app, select the lock that you would like to update, go to Settings in the lower right of the screen and at the bottom will be the option for Firmware Update. Simply go through the steps of downloading and installing that Firmware from there. It should only take about 5-7 minutes.

If you are not paired with the mobile app with your lock, you may adjust the time of auto-lock feature. Go to the Smart Lock Settings and you can change the auto-lock feature up to 300 seconds. If your lock is paired with the mobile app, you will need to go into the Settings in the app for that lock and change the settings for the Auto-Lock Timer. You can adjust the amount of time before the lock auto-locks or you can disable it completely.

You are able to switch on the random in LOCKLY mobile app. When the random mode is on, each time you press on the keypad, the number will shuffled again.

At this current time, only one master admin account can be created. This is for security measures. However, we have recently added the functionality to give authorization for a “sub-admin” when creating a Guest Access Code or E-Key. So when you are in the app, select Access, and then Access Codes, and then Guest access code and after choosing the validity period you will be able to select Permissions for that user and you can designate them as a Sub-Admin. Keep in mind that if you allow your Sub-Admin to give Offline Access Codes you will no longer be able to share or grant Offline Access Codes. Only 1 user at a time is able to grant Offline Access Codes.

There will be a notification only on Secure Deadbolt Version. Other versions are not available. Lockly can currently only send notifications for the door being opened or closed with the installation and purchase of the wi-fi hub and door sensor (available with the Lockly Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub)

5. Secure Link Related

Lockl Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub can be programmed to work with the voice-activated software of Amazon Alexa and Google Home. We are currently working on the addition of Apple’s Siri/HomeKit and hope to integrate capability in the future. Below video showing how to connect with Alexa or Google Home


Google Home

Using Secure Link WiFi Hub that will allow the Admin user of the lock to control the lock from anywhere once it is connected to the property’s WiFi.

Our Secure Link WiFi Hub can connect with any Lockly. If you find that you are having any trouble with your Secure Link WiFi Hub, try some of the following suggestions:


Please make sure that your phone and WiFi hub are connected to the same 2.4 GHz network.


Make sure that you and your WiFi hub are connected within 10 feet of the Lockly.


Make sure you are using "LOCKLY" mobile app, but not "Pin Genie" mobile app/


Make sure that your WiFi hub is in a spot with strong WiFi signal. You can try moving your router closer to the WiFi hub to see if it resolves the issue.