Product Comparison

Smart Locks Comparison

1) Mechanical VS. Motor

Most of the electronic lock is using motor, which means that the deadbolt is driven by a motor. When you unlock the lock, the batteries inside will provide power to the motor, and the motor drive the deadbolt's movement to achieve automatic lock and unlock.
Imagine that when the motor malfunctions, and cannot operate as normal, no matter you are inside or outside home, you have no way to unlock the lock as the motor cannot function, even though you got the key. The only way is to ask locksmith for help.

But mechanical lock is completely different, LOCKLY® smart lock using the mechanical design, preventing the above mentioned situation from happening, and making more safer. Therefore, even in the most extreme cases, all the electronic parts are malfunction, you can still take out the key from your pocket and unlock the lock as normal.


2) Smart Lock Material

For the common electronic locks on the market, generally they are using zinc alloy. There are mainly 4 reasons
i) Compared with stainless steel, it has a lower melting point and it is easier for manufacturing.
ii) The surface of the finished product is smooth and easier for surface finishing
iii) Corrosion resistance
iv) Good mechanical properties at room temperature

However, LOCKLY® smart lock chooses to use stainless steel as the material, just because it is better than zinc alloy.
i) Stainless steel is harder than zinc alloy
ii) The melting point is higher than zinc alloy
iii) The corrosion resistance ability is better than zinc alloy
iv) Stainless steel is more shiny than zinc alloy


 3) Safer Lockcase

『There is no a unpickable lock, only the time-consuming difference』

There are 3 levels of lockcase, A-level, B-level, and C-level, A is the lowest and C is the highest grading. Compared to B-level, C-level lockcase takes dozens of times longer to unlock, and it also prevents the thief using a strong twisting tool to burst open.

LOCKLY® smart lock using C-level lockcase, provide you the best anti-theft capabilities.


4) Anti-thief Design

This provides complete security from external hacking that may occur with the use of wire or string pull the inside knob/handle.


5) LOCKLY® Smart Lock - PIN Genie® Patented Peek-proof Digital Keypad

With a patented peek-proof digital touchscreen, PIN Genie®, you can be sure no one can spy your access codes. PIN Genie® technology reshuffles the all the numbers after each use. The numbers are set into different button keys and positions. It leaves no patterns and trace of codes.


6) LOCKLY® Mobile APP

LOCKLY® Mobile APP, allows user do all the setting with a user-friendly mobile app. No longer need to read the use guideline any more, just open LOCKLY® Mobile APP, all records, all settings are clear, just follow the instructions to do it.


7) Unlock in Only One-action

The FPC fingerprint scanner located at the handle, the design is ergonomic. After scanning the fingerprint, you can easily push down the handle to unlock the door. Unlike the other brand, you have to scan the fingerprint somewhere else before, and than move your hand to control the handle and unlock.
It is the same inside the door. For safety concern, when some emergency happened, you only need to press down the handle to unlock, and escape immediately, we call it "Panic Release Handle".


8) FPC 3D Fingerprint Scanner

Sweden's company, FPC, is a global leader in fingerprint technology. LOCKLY® using their 3D live fingerprint technology, compare with the capacitive recognition, or optical fingerprint technology on the market, this technology can prevent fake fingerprint and non-live fingerprint. It is able to identify fingerprint more accurately, quickly and safely. The sensor is small in size and low in power consumption. You can use alcohol to clean the surface.

 LOCKLY® Smart Lock Comparison

Secure Plus(Latch) Plus(Deadbolt) Lux
PIN Genie® Peek-proof Digital Keypad
Backup Key
3DFPC Fingerprint Sensor
RFID Smart Card
At Home Safe Mode
Shield Mode
Install by Yourselves
Offline Access Code(OAC™)
Unlock Remotly ✔* ✔* ✔*
Live Door Status ✔* ✔* ✔*
Smart Home Support ✔* ✔* ✔*
Anti-theft Ability Almost the same Almost the same Highest


 *Need to purchase Secure Link(PGH200), in order to enjoy this function.