About Us

We aim to make your life Safer & Better

Our Mission is to provide unprecedented secure and convenient experience with smart home solutions to our Lockly®  users. 

Lockly Inc., is a company founded in Silicon Valley, California, USA. Lockly® invented and patented a unique, smart, secure and discreet technology for locking and unlocking devices with passcodes. Lockly® as a technology has been widely used as an App and Screen Locker for mobile phones. In 2016 Lockly® launched its lines of Smart Locks that are now used at homes, offices, studios, serviced apartments, hotels, etc., Lockly® currently have end-consumer and industrial presence in the USA, Asia Pacific and Europe. Lockly® also distributes padlocks and safety vaults for industrial and consumer use.

At Lockly®, we believe in security and convenience are the two most important for homeowners. We enhanced home security with the Lockly® smart lock touchscreen, the world’s first peek-proof, the ultradiscreet door lock that allows you to enter your door codes without worrying about others spying and stealing your codes.  Lockly® owns 30 global patents for this unique security feature. We also upgraded convenience of keyless unlocking door that allows homeowners manage the home access anywhere, anytime. Our users around the world feel safe and secure when with Lockly®!
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