Unlocking and locking can be safe and easy

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3D Fingerprint Scanner

Your finger is your key

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Anti-peek Touchscreen

PIN Genie® Patented Digital Keypad

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Mobile App Control

Create codes, lock/unlock and more

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Smart Home Integration

Alexa and Google Assistant compatible

More capabilitieS, less Compromise.

Your finger is
your key


Mobile App

Smart Home


3D Fingerprint Access

Hack-proof Keypad

Offline Access Code™


Business Insider

" This makes it virtually impossible for an onlooker to figure out your code by just watching you enter it."

Business Insider

" LOCKLY... let you choose between codes and fingerprints, both of which you can assign to people and revoke as needed. "

Business Insider

"The Lockly Vision has everything that Airbnb hosts crave. From its ability to unlock via fingerprint, pin code, or even through a phone, there are plenty of options to choose from."

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"Besides the keypad, there’s a fingerprint scanner and a way to unlock through either Lockly’s mobile app or through voice assistant command. And if all else fails, there’s a physical lock you can open with a regular key."

Business Insider

"For a strong and tough build quality you can feel as soon as you pick it up, the Lockly provides a powerful and practical way to keep an eye on your door.""

Business Insider

"Lockly isn't new to the smart home scene. At this year's CES, the company annouced two more locks... the Duo and the Guard. Both the Duo and Guard are fully compatible with the Lockly Access Portal, a desktop system designed for property management with multiple locks in one or more locations. The Access Portal includes door access monitoring, timed updates, and administrative controls for up to 1,000 locks."

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"The Lockly Guard and Duo take securing your home to the next level."