PIN Genie Mortise Smart (PGD8Series)

PIN Genie introduces its latest design innovation: PIN Genie Mortise Smart Locks (8Series)

Sleek, stylish smart lock for your deluxe door. Uncompromised security features to suit the convenience of your apartment living. 

Product Features:

Bluetooth Connectivity: PIN Genie Smart Lock is built with a 256-bit encryption Bluetooth device. Enjoy a highly secure, seamless Bluetooth connectivity between your door and smartphone. Unlock and Lock your door with ease. Compared to other Wi-Fi connected smart locks, a Bluetooth smart lock is not as prone to hacking. No Internet or mobile data is needed to access. Download PIN Genie Smart Lock App on iOS or Android App Stores to connect and set-up you door lock. 

Discreet Peek-proof Touchscreen: With a patented peek-proof digital touchscreen you can be sure no one can spy your door codes. PIN Genie technology reshuffles the all the numbers after each use. The numbers are set into different button keys and positions. It leaves no patterns and trace of codes.

Multi-user Remote Code Management: Create up to 8 door codes, share and manage the duration of each access code. Create temporary guest codes and revoke access when it expires. Remotely share Bluetooth pairing codes to your guest over emails and text to enable them to enter your home using a smartphone to unlock your door.

Monitor Access History: Know who is in. Monitor the history of each door activities on your phone. Receive push notifications on your mobile phone when temporary codes are used to enter your home. Keep track of the records of guests and family members in and out access.

At Home Safe Mode: Deactivate your touchscreen when you are at home to prevent access from the outside.

Limited Wrong Code Entry: After three attempts to enter a wrong door code, PIN Genie Smart Lock automatically deactivates. It would require a master passcode to reactivate the touchscreen.

Built-in Intruder Alarm: Auto-triggered alarm with three alert sensitivity levels (High, Media, Low) lets you know when someone is trying to break-in to your home.

In-Safe Button: Added security feature ideal for families with kids who could possibly reach the inside handle to unlock. This requires switching push-button knob on the handle to unlock from the inside. This also prevents intrusion with the use of insertable wires or thin flexible materials from picking the inside door handle to unlock. 

Keyless Convenience: Access door with 6-8 digits codes using the PIN Genie Smart Lock peek-proof touchscreen, through your smartphone via PIN Genie Smart Lock Apps, with a Smartcard or with the fingerprint scanner. 

Operates with 4xAA Batteries: Long lasting energy saving 4 x AA batteries that are conveniently available anywhere.

Ergonomic & robust structural design: This smart lock is ergonomically angled for the comfort of the eyes and fingers to support the motion when you key-in the door codes. PIN Genie Smart Lock is designed and assembled with heavy-duty zinc alloy, stainless steel and high-impact materials with special scratch and fire resistant coating for enhanced security, connectivity, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Ideal Solution for Airbnb Hosting and other rental properties: Be in control of your door even if you’re not physically present. Welcome your guest with door codes. You would never have to worry about key missing keys and creating duplicates.

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