★  Roy Sharda Best lock I have ever owned 

I have a mid size real estate portfolio in Chicago. A few of our units are available for short term rental (Airbnb). Lockly has really helped manage control and send access without leaving my office. The time savings of meeting folks with keys alone has justified this purchase. I was most impressed with the app and the feature that allows a 9volt battery to temporarily charge the lock if the battery dies. It has not happened yet but it is good to know. 

With Lockly, I know exactly when service people go in and leave my units, this is key when we are paying by the hour. I am very happy with this product and highly recommend it!


  Susan Kim Love it! 

The lock saved me multiple times... Ever since installing i've never had to use my keys. My purse is always a big mess and finding keys when my hands are full have always been hard! LOVE THIS.


  Eric Gegg Great Product, superb deadbolt smart lock you should try

I bought two Lockly Locks and so far both work great provided for my Airbnb apartment. I have had this lock for almost 1 months. I have called the customer service with the number on the website and they are super helpful. I started to trust this brand. So I would like to write a short review, which I barely did for other products I have bought on Amazon.


☆ Hani Singh Totally worth this key-free lock 

Installation is so easy using the app. Maybe 15 min. Even though mine did take longer. We love the 'instant lock' feature (every time the door closes the lock engages). With remembering the access code, there is no need for us to take the keys or phones while we going out for a while. This is the best feature of a key-free or even phone-free smart deadbolt.


★★ John Fox If you like tech, this is for you

I just bought the Lockly Smart Lock, I have to say it is by far the best choice. I like the touchscreen PIN pad of this Smart Lock. It gives options of both scramble and fix number PIN pad. The lock does an amazing job on creating and sharing temporary passwords, even when you are not connected with the Bluetooth. It made it so easy to invite others to open the door. It definitely provides a safer and better smart lock experience.


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