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What customers like about LOCKLY®...

As it said,  it made my Airbnb hosting experience easier than ever! I can grant access to my guests anywhere anytime without worrying about keys being stolen or duplicated!

I have purchased since it was launched on Kickstarter! I am impressed by their PIN Pad design! It is definitely the most secure PIN method I have found! Worth of 16 global Patents!

I have had my lock for over a week and so far it has been a fantastic experience! It has worked perfectly! It took me only less than 5 minutes to finish the installation and setup. I like the high quality finish of it, which matches my door perfectly. The design is unique! Keep up the great work PIN Genie!

I installed my new PIN Genie Smart Lock on my door garage yesterday. It looks really great! The installation was easy and the instructions were easy to follow. It is very easy to assign different passwords to every member the family. We all love how cool the unique invisible PIN is! I can also send a temp PIN to our cleaner that only works at scheduled hours. I've been looking for a smart lock like this for a long time and I am super pleased with it, not to mention that the lock looks really great! I am thinking of buying another one for our vacation home. Keep up the good work!

Absolutely 5 stars for PIN Genie Smart Lock. I did quite a bit of research before I backed this project on Kickstarter. It works amazingly well and I have to say it exceeds my expectations. I am able to install it easily. The unique pin pad is just genius and works like a dream. I am using their PIN Genie Locker for my Samsung phone too. They are just fantastic. 

Lockly® Secure Lux Mortise Edition

Enter your apartment in style with Lockly® Secure Lux Mortise Lock.  Designed with 6-in-1 access: 3D Fingerprint, RFID card, smartphone Bluetooth App, PIN Genie™ Digital Keypad, Voice Assistance Control (via Google Home Assistant or Alexa) or with a backup key.

Sleek, stylish designed smart lock with uncompromised security features to suit your urban lifestyle.  Learn more...  

Lockly Secure Lux Mortise Smart Lock

Lockly® Secure Plus Deadbolt Edition

Lockly®  Secure Plus Deadbolt Lock grants access to your home with an exceptionally advanced 3D fingerprint sensor that authenticates in less than 0.5secs to unlock. 

Turn your smartphone as key to your door via Bluetooth App or let your family members and guests use the patented digital keypad.  Learn more...

Lockly® Secure Plus Latch Edition

Lockly® Secure Plus Latch Lock lets you access your door with 3D fingerprint, digital keypad or via smartphone with Bluetooth App.

All-in-1 smart lock for your back door or entries that require the aid of a handle. The ideal indoor lock for dormitories, shared apartments or sub-divided flats. Recommended for office use to monitor access of limited areas such as the pantry, storage or stockroom. Learn more...

Lockly Secure Plus Latch Edition

Lockly® Secure Deadbolt Edition

Lockly® Secure Deadbolt Edition turns your smartphone as key to your home! With encrypted Bluetooth access, experience the convenience of keyless, discreet, peek-proof door lock.

With full APP control, create door codes and share with your family, temporary guests or tenants.

Lockly® Secure is an ideal solution for Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway, music & dance studios and other rental properties. Learn more...

Lockly® Secure Latch Edition

Lockly® Secure Latch Lock lets you access your door with its digital keypad, on your smartphone via Bluetooth App or with a backup key.

The ideal indoor lock for dormitories, shared apartments or sub-divided flats. Recommended for Airbnb hosting, studios and small offices. Learn more...

  • PIN Genie™ Technology

    Lockly™ Smart Lock uses a patented PIN technology on its keypad. This technology randomly distributes numbers 0-9 into four-button keys.  By selecting the correct buttons containing your access code, the door will unlock. The numbers reshuffle into different sets after each use, which makes it impossible for others to peek or spy your access codes no matter how many times they watched or even took a video of you while you key-in.  

  • Lockly™ Smart Lock App

    Unlock your door via secure, seamless and encrypted Bluetooth connection with our mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones. Learn more...

  • Multi-User Access

    Lockly™ offers unique profile access for everyone;  family members, friends, guests, contractors or tenants. There's one that suits their style and need for an access to your home. Grant and monitor every access anytime, from anywhere.