Frequently Asked Questions


Q: After Installation, the smart lock unlocks when I lock the door and/or auto unlocks after 30 seconds.  

A: The PIN Genie Smart Lock works for both left open and right open doors and installation follows the same procedure. There are four critical steps you need to double check to avoid the above problem.
1) Make sure the deadbolt is extended;
2) Make sure the latch is VERTICALLY positioned;
3) The thumb-turn is VERTICALLY positioned;
4) Hold the Program button while you install the last battery until you finish, the smart lock will run an auto-check to be fit in left open and right open doors. 
We strongly recommend you to watch the video before you install. And contact us if you have any other question.


Door Codes

Q:  How do I setup the passcode on my PIN Genie smart lock Basic?

A. Press program button at the back of the lock.
Press 1 on the screen into “Add Passcode Mode”.
Input your new door code of 6-8 digits.
Press OK.
Re-enter the door code to confirm.
If 2 door code match, your door code will be displayed on the screen.
Press “Y” if it is correct.
Press “N” if it is not correct and do all the above steps again.

Q:  How do I change the door code?

A. Add your new door code. It can maximum save 8 sets of door code.
Delete the old door code. Press the program button behind the lock.
Press 2 on the screen into the “Delete door code mode”.
Choose the door code you want to delete.
Press and hold the OK button for 1 second to delete.

Q: Is there a specific length of the door code?

A: The door code can be any combination from 6 to 8 digits. 

Q: How many door codes can be registered on a smart lock?

A: The smart lock can store up to 8 sets of door codes.

Q:  Can I continue to use my key?

A: Yes, you can always open the smart lock with the keys provided.



Q: What kind of batteries should I use?

A: Only use AA Alkaline batteries or Lithium Batteries. "Duracell" and  "Energizer" are recommended. Do not mix new batteries with old batteries in the same smart lock.  

Q: What if the batteries go flat, can I still open the door?

A: Yes, you can insert a 9V battery at the bottom of the lock to activate the keypad. Enter the door code to unlock. Then change the batteries immediately.

Q: How do I know when to replace the batteries?

A: The battery low icon will light up on the screen as a reminder.

Q: What is the battery’s life?

A: Approximately 12 months if you use it 10 times per day.



Q: Can I adjust the sensitivity of the alarm?

A.Yes, please simply follow the following steps:
Press the program button behind the lock.
Press 4 to enter the alarm sensitivity mode.
There are 3 levels of sensitivity.
3 is the most sensitive. 2 is middle and 1 is low. You can test the sensitivity by yourself to decide which one you choose.
Choose the level then press OK to confirm. 

Q: Under what occasions the alarm in my digital lock will be triggered?

A: It depends on the alarm sensitivity you set. If it is on 3, normal kicking or hitting the lock will trigger the alarm. If it is 1 low, the alarm may only trigger if the lock is damaged.

Q: How do I turn off the alarm on my smart lock?

A: Switch off the “alarm” button at the back of the lock.